PvP Armors, Bug Fixes, and More 10/20/19-11/6/19

Divine potions now hurt you as they should.
Added fossil island teleport/Wyven cave teleport
While cutting logs you can now make javs/arrow shafts with all logs.
Re-Fixed Basilisk Knight's so they don't drain stats while wearing the V's Shield.
Achievements have been added, you can view them by clicking the purple icon inside the quest tab/server menu.
Brimstome keys have been added to more npcs, just like osrs.
Mage bank lever fixed.
PvP Armors have been added to the rev drop table.
Vorkath now counts towards blue dragon slayer task.
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Prifddinas and more 10-20-19

Prifiddinas has been completed (mostly, still some work to be done throughout the next few updates)
This updates includes the entire town of Prifddinas and the farming patches/agility courses.
new npc's were added that you can pickpocket, requiring 85 thieving. Added Prifiddinas farming teleport.
Added Prifiddinas rooftop agility course teleport.
Wrath runes are now craftable at 95 runecrafting.
All runecrafting altar teleports have been added to the wizarda at home.
Fixed exp over all gamemodes, some were a little broken.
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Raids and More! 10/17/19

Mining inside the Trahaearn Mine has a chance of giving crystal shards.
Cutting trees inside Prifddinas has a chance of giving crystal shards.
Iorwerth Dungeon has been added
Npc's inside Iorwerth Dungeon have a chance of dropping crystal shards.
Combat Tutor at home can now reset stats.
First version of raids has been added!
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